The HHL encourages all teams and players to shop at Crowfoot Wine & Spirits locations...
(Locations are listed here:
Program details: 

·         When the rosters are locked, Crowfoot will provide each player in the league (Div A, B, 35A, 35B) with a personalized card.  To be logo’d with their team, HHL, and Crowfoot Wine & Spirits.  This card will be valid from Nov 1 to April 30.  Good for 10% off at any Crowfoot or affiliated store

·         Crowfoot will track all product purchased by each team.

·         All Purchases made at  Crowfoot  from Oct 1 to March 31 will be recorded.  The team from each division who spends the most (in their division) will receive a $300 Crowfoot Gift Card.

·         All Purchases made at Crowfoot from Oct 1 – April 30 will be recorded.  Crowfoot will pay 2% of the gross league wide spend, not inclusive of GST and Deposits.